Nicole Gatto

Secretary, Treasurer & NCCP Certified Triathlon Coach

Nicole so enjoys the GTC, the energy, attitude, mission and purpose.

Nicole Gatto joined the GTC in 2009 looking for some cross training. Nicole is a runner and was prone to injury, so was looking to mix up her activities. The challenge of triathlon was intriguing. After a difficult start with the water, Nicole is now addicted and becoming a veteran.

Nicole is enthusiastic about Triathlon and enjoys encouraging others to realize their aspirations too. Still timid about the longer distances, Nicole enjoys the shorter and faster Sprint races.

Nicole so enjoys the GTC, the energy, attitude, mission and purpose, she joined the Executive Membership in 2016 as Treasurer in order to give back to the club.

Nicole grew up in Barbados where she qualified for the Commonweath Games 1986 in track & field.  She returned to Canada at the age of 16 for a better education.  Her love of animals brought her to Guelph in the pursuit of Vet medicine, but detoured into Business instead.

Nicole and her husband Luke have been married over 20 years and have 2 children, Anthony and Katherine.

Nicole enjoys reading, movies, horseback riding and of course, triathlons.