Elizabeth Stewart

NCCP Certified Triathlon Coach & Certified Group Cycling Instructor

Elizabeth has shown that balance between family and triathlon is possible.

Elizabeth’s entry point to triathlon was running, participating in numerous 5k, 10k and ½ marathon events.

In 2010, shortly after moving to Guelph, she joined the GTC Beginner Triathlon Clinic, mostly motivated to become a better swimmer (barely able to swim freestyle for a single pool length!). That same year, she completed Guelph Lake I sprint distance triathlon and from that point on was hooked on the sport!

Sprint distance triathlon has been Elizabeth’s primary focus and she has demonstrated that with consistent training, year-over-year improvements can be made. In that first triathlon in 2010, her finisher time was 1:41:41 and each year she has chipped minutes off her time and is now looking to beat her PB of 1:18:26 and has set a goal to qualify for ITU Worlds 2020 which will be hosted in Edmonton, AB.

Elizabeth has also shown that balance between family and triathlon is possible. Along her triathlon journey, she and her husband welcomed their son into the world. Training all the way through pregnancy and only pausing for the 3 weeks following the birth. “I got right back into it with short runs starting at 2km and built back up from there. Riding on my trainer while Charlie napped was a convenient way to get a training session in” Elizabeth says. She even managed to complete the Ontario Women’s Triathlon in the try-a-tri distance just 10-weeks following Charlie’s birth and placed in the overall top 10 finishers!

Not only is Elizabeth a GTC member, but she has volunteered her time as a coach since 2013 after completing her NCCP certification. She also holds a Group Cycle Certification through the University of Guelph where she teaches group cycle as a part-time staff of the University of Guelph Athletics Department and she also helps lead the GTC’s winter cycle program.

From 2016 to the end of 2017, Elizabeth joined the GTC Executive Committee as President where she worked hard to with the Executive Team to provide quality triathlon training opportunities in an inclusive, friendly, safe and fun environment.